Tadanafil For LUTS Effective Really?

  Tadanafil for LUTS effective really?

  Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PhosphodiesteraseType 5 inhibitors, PDE5i) can relieve BPH patients with Lower Urinary Tract symptoms (the Lower Urinary Tract Symptom, LUTS) whether patients with Erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfuntion, ED).

  \"PDE5i especially Tadanafil for the curative effect of LUTS and erectile function is significant.\"University of Florence, Italy's Mauro Gacci Dr Said, \"what has never been a panacea or preferred drug, each kind of treatment is different from person to person, but you can use the LUTS and ED PDE5i treatment, kill two birds with one stone effect, although the mechanism is unclear.\"

  Gacci and his colleagues lists five PDE5I treatment of LUTS/BPE possible basic principle: 1, improving the LUT oxidation.2, relaxing smooth muscle.3, hyperplasia and LUT basal cell differentiation of the negative feedback.4, reduce bladder afferent nerve excitability.5, reduce inflammation in the prostate.

  Not only that, combined use of PDE5i and alpha 1 - blocker in improving LUTS, erectile function and urinary flow rate more efficient than using a single alpha 1 - blocker.

  Taking PDE5i especially Tadanafil dry mouth and back pain is the most common side effects, in addition to gastroesophageal reflux and headache.

  , \"said Dr Gacci finally Tadanafil were analyzed and summarized in this paper, we found that Tadanafil is a good way to relieve clinical LUTS, is effective on nocturia, infertility ED on the improvement of the urinary tract symptoms associated with it. These in almost every patients taking Tadanafil have good.\"

  \"Tadanafil seems to be taking the smallest dose of 5 mg/d can improve the effect of LUT and close to alpha 1 - blocker. We surprised PDE5i or Tadanafil for the effect of LUTS, may need more RCT for validation.\"