Daclatasvir Recommended Dose

Dacaritaxel is commonly used in the treatment of hepatitis C drugs, which we all know that the clinical treatment in the course of taking the dose is also based on the patient's condition to decide, the following is about the official description of the recommended dose To.

2.1 Recommended dose

The recommended dose for DAKLINZA is 60 mg, orally, once a day for 12 weeks with sofloxacin. DAKLINZA may or may not be taken.

Has not yet determined the best time for patients with hardened DAKLINZA dacarbavir and sofloxacin.

For the recommended dose of sufibradin specificity, refer to the relevant prescription data.

2.2 Modification due to drug interactions

Other drug reference interactions and contraindications before administration with DAKLINZA.

Cytochrome P450 Enzyme 3A (CYP3A Strong Inhibitor: Reduces DAKLINZA dose to 30 mg once daily for 30 mg tablets when administered in combination with strong CYP3A inhibitors.

Moderate CYP3A Inducer: When combined with moderate CYP3A inducer increases DAKLINZA dose to 90 mg once daily using the appropriate tablet combination (3 tablets 30 mg tablet or 60 mg tablet and 30 mg tablet).

2.3 Termination of treatment

The end of treatment was treated with DAKLINZA with a sofloxacin patient such as a permanent termination of sofloxacin, and then DAKLINZA should also be terminated.