Daclatasvir Instructions For Use

Dacaravir is the first drug that has been shown to be safe and effective in the treatment of genotype 3HCV infection without the need to co-administer interferon [interferon] or ribavirin [ribavirin], FDA's director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research for Microbial Products : "Today's approval provides a new option for patients with genotype 3HCV, including those who can not tolerate ribavirin."

First, indications and uses

Is a hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A inhibitor that is suitable for the treatment of genotype 3 infection with chronic hepatitis C infection.

Limitations of use: Sustained virological response (SVR) rates in patients with cirrhosis are reduced.

Second, the dosage and administration methods

Once daily 60mg, combined with sorbifil, fasting or oral administration with food.

Recommended treatment time: 12 weeks.

Dose Correction: Use a strong CYP3A inhibitor to reduce the dose to 30 mg once daily; use moderate CYP3A inducer to increase the dose to 90 mg once daily.

Third, the dosage form and specifications

Pills: 60 mg and 30 mg.

Fourth, pay attention to matters

In the combination with sofloxacin and amiodarone, bradycardia occurs: patients taking amiodarone and sofloxacin and another HCV direct antiviral drug (including dacaravir) may develop severe Symptomatic bradycardia, especially when a patient is taking a beta-subject blocker or suffering from heart disease and / or advanced liver disease. Dacarbazide is not recommended for administration with amiodarone and sofloxibine. For patients who have no other treatment regimen, cardiac monitoring is recommended.

Five, adverse reactions

The most common adverse events (≥10%) of tafecavir combined with dacarbazide were observed for headache and fatigue.

Six, drug interactions

Drug interactions: taking dacarbazide at the same time can change the concentration of other drugs, while the concentration of other drugs can change the concentration of dacarbazepine. Before using the disabled drug and other potential drug interactions, refer to the complete prescription information.

Seven, special crowd medication

For pregnancy, lactating women, children, the elderly, renal dysfunction, liver damage in patients with drug safety and effectiveness, please refer to the full version of the manual.