As an GMP-Like system management company, Shanghai Chiral Chemicals have

 -  Broad reaction portfolio and extensive technology base

 -  Multipurpose Plant

 -  Pilot Plant

 -  Quality Assurance

 -  Quality Control

 -  Kilo Lab

 -  R&D Center

 -  Purchase

 -  Ware house

 -  Utilities


 Reaction Capabilities:

 ﹒Acetylation,Acylation(Fridel craft reaction)

 ﹒Acid chloride reaction, Amide, Ester, amide formation

 ﹒Alkylations of-C,-N,-S,-O etc..



 ﹒Dieckmann Cyclization

 ﹒Gabriel synthesis

 ﹒Grignard reaction

 ﹒High vacuum distillation

 ﹒Hydrogenation reaction

 ﹒Hydrolysis of esters, decarboxylation, amides and Nitriles

 ﹒Liquid ammonia reaction

 ﹒Low temperature reaction(-70 )

 ﹒Phase transfer reaction

 ﹒Substitution reaction


 Our Strength:

 ﹒Asymmetric synthesis

 ﹒Asymmetric transformation

 ﹒Anaerobic reaction without water

 ﹒Chiral separation (including chemical method and biological method)

 ﹒Catalytic reactions by many kinds of enzymes

 ﹒Distillation(at atmospheric and under vacuum up to 0.05mm Hg)

 ﹒High temperature and high pressure reaction

 ﹒Reductions- by enzyme, NaBH4 or H2

 ﹒Transition metal catalytic reaction